Kool Aid Jammers Variety Pack 7.08 L

Artificially flavored drink. All Flavors: 35 calories per pouch. 55% less sugar than leading regular sodas + excellent source of vitamin C. Per 12 fl oz, this product 16 g total sugar; leading regular sodas 40 g total sugar. 40 pouch variety pack. how2recycle.info. Scan or call 1-800-367-9225 for more food information. Kool-Aid Jammers Artificially Flavored Drink Variety Pack delivers fun with a sweet drink kids loves! Our delicious variety pack has 40 pouches, including 10 Tropical Punch, 10 Grape, 10 Strawberry Kiwi and 10 Cherry juice artificially flavored drinks. They contain 55% less sugar than leading regular sodas, making them great artificially fruit flavored drinks for kids. Each serving also satisfies 100% daily value of Vitamin C. There are so many ways to enjoy Kool-Aid. Flavorful fun made easy - available in a rainbow of flavors!

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