Long Island Iced Tea, Southern Sweet Tea 128 Oz

No artificial flavors. The original. Thank you for choosing Long Island Brand Iced Tea - don't worry, the cashier won't ask you for your ID at the register. They don't need to. Name aside, this drink is not what you think, unless you already know it's a refreshing, non-alcoholic blend of hand-picked tea leaves, natural flavors with a touch of cane sugar. Long Island Brand makes tea that taste like tea - full bodied flavors crafted with premium ingredients. And if your taste buds prefer a milder, lighter brew, simple serve over ice or add water. Our teas are 100% unadulterated! Refreshing and delicious Long Island Brand Iced Tea - It's from mother nature top shelf. 100% pure cane sugar. No additives. Filtered water. 100% real sugar cane from mother's nature top shelf. No artificial colors. Non GMO. Gluten free. www.longislandicedtea.com. Facebook.com/longislandicedtea. Twitter.com/longislandicedtea. Made in America, with pride & carefully bottled.

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