V8® Pomegranate Blueberry 100% Fruit And Vegetable Juice 46.000 Fl Oz

Experience a delicious plant-powered blend of vegetables and fruit with V8® Pomegranate Blueberry 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice. Combining the flavors of tart pomegranate and sweet blueberry, this blueberry pomegranate juice gives you the nutrition of vegetables blended with just the right amount of fruit for a light, sweet taste. Each bottle of 100% juice is made with the juices of 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables, including apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, pomegranates and blueberries. The result is a vegetable and fruit juice blend with 25% less sugar than leading juice brands* and 2 combined servings of veggies and fruit in every 8 fl oz, plus Zinc and Antioxidants A and C. Formerly known as V8® V-Fusion, V8® 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juice is gluten free and non-GMO with no sugar added** and no artificial sweeteners. Like the classic V8® juice, this fruit and vegetable drink is an easy way to get the plant based boost you need to help fuel your day. Enjoy it as a breakfast drink, afternoon snack, or post workout drink. (*Per 8 fl oz: Leading juice brands, 25.4g; V8® Pomegranate Blueberry, 19g **Not a low calorie food; see nutrition panel for sugar and calorie content)

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