Ocean Spray® Cherry Juice Cocktail 64 fl. oz. Bottle

Tastes good. Good for you!® Hello! We're the family of Ocean Spray® growers, farming the finest fruit for over 80 years. If you're like us, you'll love the taste of sweet, plump cherries. We've used our Ocean Spray® juice know-how to bring you that fresh-picked taste that only nature provides in a delicious new juice. We hope you'll feel as good about drinking it as we feel about making it! Our Chery Juice Cocktail is made from real cherries for a smooth and refreshing taste. Every glass gives you your daily dose of vitamin C, so it tastes good and is good for you too! of course, it's naturally sweetened with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. We think you'll love this great-tasting addition to the Ocean Spray® line-up! Contains 15% Juice

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