EOC Coffee, Ground, Dark Roast, Red Eye Roast 11 oz

Espresso style, smooth, full-bodied. Red Eye Roast: A traditional recipe served in specialty coffee shops, our Red Eye Roast combines 100% Arabica drip coffee with a booster shot of espresso. This bold blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans is roasted to perfection for that deep, smoky espresso experience. Who needs a barista? Fire up your coffee maker and enjoy! Now you're the barista. Introducing barista blends. Do you love the rich and wonderful array of varieties served at your favorite coffee house? Here's an idea - be your own barista. EOC Barista Blends makes your house the coffee house. Just fire up your coffee maker and taste the goodness! Go ahead, write your name on the side of the cap too. eightoclock.com. Great tasting coffees from the world's finest beans. Get together around Eight O'Clock: Facebook; Instagram; Pinterest. We'll make it right. If you are not completely satisfied, please contact us at 1-800-299-2739. Roasted in Maryland USA.

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