Pampers Baby Wipes Complete Clean Unscented 7X Pop-Top 504 Count

17.8 cm x 17.4 cm (7.0 in x 6.8 in). Contains 7 package liners of 72 wipes each. 7 pop-top packs. 4x stronger (vs. leading US subbrand). 98% water. Hypoallergenic. Looking for a reliable clean? Pampers complete clean unscented wipes are tough enough for diaper changes & messy hands yet gentle enough to clean your little one's delicate face. Designs inside may vary. Alcohol free wipes (contains no ethanol or rubbing alcohol). Package liners are not intended for individual sale. Store unopened package liners in outer box (or bag). Pampers Club: download; enter; save. Valid in the US, Canada & PR. Download on the App Store. Get it on Google Play. Want to know more about the materials we use? Visit 1-800-380-2583. Try Pampers sensitive wipes. Corrugated recycles.

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