Gerber Banana, Raspberry & Yogurt With Vanilla, Toddler (12+ Months) 3.5 Oz

Banana, raspberry & yogurt (does not contain live & active cultures). 1-1/2 Servings of fruit (1 fruit serving is 1/4 cup for toddlers). Gerber Organic for Toddler we only use Organic Certified Farms that respect nature's own rhythm and pace. As a mom it is reassuring knowing how much effort goes into making my child's food. -Andrea H. Gerber Agricultural Specialist. 3 Raspberries; 2/3 Banana; 1/2 tbsp Yogurt in each pouch. Carbon Trust Certified. This Puree is Carbon Neutral. We care for the planet - Climate; Forward; Nutrition for baby. Follow our climate forward nutrition journey. Recycle with Terracycle.

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