New Holland Mad Hatter India Pale Ale - 6 PK

New Holland Brewing was founded on the principles of perfecting each beer recipe with all the passion and idealism of a true artist, and replicating that art with painstaking consistency. The result is a family of flavorful, award winning year-round and seasonal beers. Mad Hatter, our infamous IPA, explodes with hop flavors. Dry-hopping provides a distinctive and floral hop aroma, while the lively and hoppy body is subtly balanced with delicious malt notes. Hatter's hop character makes it a great fit for spicy dishes, bitter greens and beef. Craft brewed in Holland, Michigan. At New Holland Brewing Company we craft unique beers with character - big, bold and unpasteurized. Our brewers pour their hearts and souls (figuratively speaking) into every batch, never rushed and never compromised, every beer, that rolls out of our brewery is truly art in fermented form.

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