Oscar Mayer Cheese & Crackers, Bites, Meaty Cheesy Crunchy 3.3 Oz

Enjoy the 100% tasty combo featuring the perfect trio of meaty, cheesy and crunchy with Oscar Mayer Bites. Oscar Mayer Bites Meat & Cheese Plates are a quick and delicious on-the-go snack or lunch idea. Slices of honey-smoked turkey, Asiago cheese and butter crackers are a great part of a workplace lunch. Our high quality Oscar Mayer Natural deli meats contain no artificial ingredients. Each quick lunch solution provides 280 calories. Our individually packaged snacks provide a satiating midday boost when work keeps you busy. Keep our 3.3-ounce meat and cheese plate refrigerated at all times for ready-to-eat deliciousness straight from the fridge.

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