Hebrew National Kosher Beef Knockwurst 12 Oz

Hebrew National Beef Knockwurst features premium cuts of 100% kosher beef and special seasonings for old-world flavor. Plump, juicy and fully cooked, these beef sausages are bursting with delicious flavor. This kosher sausage is perfect for barbecues or part of quick lunches and dinners. Serve a beef frank with sauerkraut, pretzels or German potatoes, or simply put the beef sausage in a bun as part of an easy meal. You can also try serving it with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled peppers, and onions. Hebrew National knockwurst is gluten free and made without artificial flavors, colors, fillers or by-products. These beef franks fit a low carb lifestyle with 3 grams net carbs per serving (3 grams total carbs minus 0 grams dietary fiber). Prepare these fully cooked sausages in a skillet, in the microwave or on a grill in minutes. Store the four count package of knockwurst in the refrigerator. Hebrew National never compromises on their strict standards of quality and taste.

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