Lunchables Ka-bob-bles Lunch Combinations, Chicken Popper

Net wt: 3.5 oz (99 g) & 6.0 fl oz (177 ml). Oscar Mayer Breaded Chicken Poppers - white meat only; Kraft American - pasteurized prepared cheese product; Pretzel Sticks; Hershey's Kisses; Capri Sun Fruit Punch. Fully cooked breaded popcorn shaped chicken patties, pasteurized prepared American cheese product, pretzel sticks, Hershey's kisses - milk chocolate, Capri Sun fruit punch flavored juice drink blend from concentrate. Excellent source of protein. Build it your own way! Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Per Package: 360 calories; 6 g sat fat (30% DV); 530 mg sodium (22% DV); 26 g sugars. 10% fruit juice. Fun pack. Easy open zip-strip. Visit us at: 1-800-222-2323. Please have package available. Please recycle this carton. TerraCycle: Turn used lunch kits into $ for your school. Support your school and keep plastic out of landfills. Visit to find out more.

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