Ole Mexican Foods Xtreme Wellness! Sprouted Whole Grains Tortilla Wraps 8 ea

Healthy life style. Premium excellent taste! Est 1988. Mexican foods. A better choice for your health. Increased digestibility. Increased mineral absorption. What’s better than better for your tortillas and wraps? Introducing ole xtreme wellness sprouted whole grain tortilla wraps. Made with a bland of four sprouted grains (whole wheat, amaranth. Sorghum and millet). Our new wraps are packed with nutritional benefits. Beside unlocking key nutrients, sprouted grains produce a nutritionally superior product loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants, higher in protein ; and a great source of fibre. Ole xtreme wellness sprouted whole grains tortilla wraps are a low glycemic load bread option per serving to help control blood sugar spikes. Try them with your favourite wrap recipes and we think you’ll agree they're as delicious as they are nutritious. Easy to fill. Aluminum free.

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