Steak Umm Chuck Patties, With Sweet Onions 6 Ea

1/3 lb patties. With onions inside the patty! Improved juicy & flavorful. Made from USDA Inspected Beef Chuck with sweet onions. US Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Quality control, USDA approved. The evolution of delicious Steak-umm patties! After decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Steak-umm has become America's Favorite Sliced Steak. Now we've drawn on our knowledge and success creating top-quality, mouth-watering cuisine to bring you Steak-umm Patties! These USDA inspected Beef Chuck Patties have the flavor and texture of fresh homemade patties but are much quicker and easier to prepare. Steak-umm Patties are the culmination of years of high quality standards, combined with our experience and commitment in making the very-best-tasting product possible. If you've enjoyed Steak-umm Sliced Steaks, you're going to love Steak-umm Patties!

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