Perdue Roasted Chicken 8 oz

With PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Roasted Chicken Strips, you can make meal prep a breeze. Skip the wait and pair our fully cooked and perfectly seasoned chicken breast strips with your family’s favorite taco, rice, and fajita recipes. Marinated in herbs and spices, these sliced chicken strips can elevate any wrap or pasta dish. At PERDUE®, we're hungry for better chicken and that means paying attention to all of the details, no matter how big or small. Raising our chickens with no antibiotics ever is just one of those details. Taste the difference that we believe comes from our relentless pursuit of better-tasting chicken by tossing our tender chicken in your soups, salads and sandwiches for a simple dinner. With 20g of protein per serving, these pre-cooked and sliced chicken strips make snacking easy. Whether you eat them out of the bag or add them to a quick wrap, these roasted chicken breast strips are delicious and ready to eat when you are. At PERDUE, we strive to be the most trusted name in food and agricultural products. We believe our practices – like providing healthy feed and a happy environment for our chickens – leads to better-tasting chicken. Take one bite of PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Roasted Chicken Strips and we think you’ll agree.

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