Marva Maid 2% Reduced Fat Milk

Marva Maid® 2% Reduced Fat Milk. Since 1920. Local farmer owned. 2% milkfat. Vitamin A & D. 38% less fat than whole milk. Ultra-pasteurized. Grade A. Ultra-pasteurized. Homogenized. Fat reduced from 8g to 5g. No significant difference has been found between milk from cows treated with artificial growth hormones and milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. Proud to be farmer owned. Our farmers' pledge: No artificial growth hormones. Delicious fresh milk. From our farms to your home. Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative has been providing farm fresh milk since 1920. The cooperative is made up of 1,500 dairy farm families from Pennsylvania to Georgia and they are the proud owners of the Marva Maid brand. Maryland & Virginia's farmers care about providing pure, simple and wholesome milk to you and your family. Just the way you want it to be. Maryland & Virginia. Milk Producers Cooperative Association, Inc.

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