Lerida Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

First cold extraction of Arbequina olives. In the 1920's my grandfather, Don Domingo Vea, pioneered the olive cultivating and organic farming methods we still use today in producing Lerida extra virgin olive oil in Catalonia, northern Spain. Only small lean Arbequina olives, early-harvested with extreme care when they are slightly underipe, will render this exquisite oil. Fruity and relatively green, with hints of almond, it is complex in its smooth buttery flavor and delicate aroma. Every bottle of Lerida extra virgin olive oil is produced under the watchful eye of Vea family member and carries my personal guarantee of quality and integrity. Vintage: 2013/14. Max acidity 0.3%. Produced & bottled in the mill by VEA, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain.

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