Lance Sandwich Crackers, Toasty Peanut Butter, 10 Ct Bonus Box

Lance Toasty Cracker Sandwiches are round, buttery crackers with delicious real peanut butter filling smack dab in the middle! Taste the creamy deliciousness of our own made peanut butter filling. What's more classic than a peanut butter sandwich? Skip the hassle of making a peanut butter sandwich and grab an on-the-go Toasty sandwich cracker pack. With 4 grams of protein per pack, hunger won't stand a chance. At Lance, SANDWICHES MEAN MORE: They aren’t just two somethings with whatever in the middle. A Lance® sandwich is two AWESOMES with an INCREDIBLE in the middle — and we’ve made them that way for over 100 YEARS.

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