Keebler Jumbo Mint Fudge Sticks - 6 CT

Fudge covered creme wafers. Made with 100% cocoa! Individually wrapped bars. Be a good cookie. Give blood today. Keebler is a proud sponsor of the American Red Cross. Be it making uncommonly good cookies or performing a simple act of kindness, we elves believe in doing good things. That's why we're supporting American Red Cross blood drives by donating over 6 million cookies a year. By recognizing each donor with a Keebler cookie, we hope to inspire even more acts of goodness! The idea is simple: Be a good cookie. Get a good cookie. - Ernie Keebler. Find us at Add uncommon sweetness to your day! Here at Keebler, we bake our cookies with care, passion and an abundance of quality ingredients - so that they are Uncommonly made. Uncommonly good. We hope that every bite you take adds a little extra sweetness to your day. - Ernie Keebler. Visit:

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