Island Premium Light Active Beer 6 ea

6 twelves ounce sleek cans. Per 12 fl oz - Average Analysis: 88 calories; 2.6 carbs; 0.7 g protein; 0.0 g fat. Made for active lifestyles. Only the finest ingredients. Island Active is a crisp and clean premium light lager. Only 88 calories and made without fillers or preservatives, it's the perfect fit for your active lifestyle. Born on the coast, enjoyed wherever your next adventure takes you. Drink responsibly. Scan with your smartphone camera for access to promotions, prizes and more. (hashtag)GetActivewithUs: Facebook. Instagram. Spotify. YouTube. Untappd. Twitter. (at)islandactive. Visit to learn how Island gives back and makes a difference. For good vibes - recycle. 4.2% alc/vol.

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