Hudson Henry Granola, Pecans & Chocolate 12 Oz

Do your best. Be kind. Dream big. Goodness inside. By Hudson Henry Baking Co. Wisdom outside. My dream is that this small batch granola company will allow me to spend my days baking, raise my boys in the country, buy an old Jeep with wood panels, and most of all, have a life of joy and contentment. My vision is to build a family business that bakes the best granola and helps others be their best. With that, I'd like to pass on these thoughts and ideas. I hope these words improve your day and that you truly enjoy our granola! Hope Lawrence, Founder, Hudson Henry Baking Co. Read about the law of attraction. Pay a compliment. Ask for what you want. Forgive & move on in your heart of hearts, know everything is possible. Have a vision, write it down and make it happen. Support your local farmer. Believe in yourself. Help someone today. Accept yourself, then expect more from yourself.

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