Honest Ade Organic Orange Mango with Mangosteen

Organic thirst quencher. Just a tad sweet. USDA organic. 100 calories per bottle. Blend of five organic juices from concentrate & other ingredients. Thirsty for more? Free quote inside! With mangosteen. Patience may be a virtue, but not when you're thirsty. We got tired of waiting for a great-tasting organic thirst quencher with 50% less sugar and fewer calories than other super-sweet orange drinks, (The Honest Facts: This organic thirst quencher has 25 g of sugar and 10 calories/16.9 fl oz. Other orange drinks have 50 g of sugar and 211 calories/16.9 fl oz.) but still with a full day's supply of vitamin C. So we made one ourselves and added mangosteen, a delicious fruit from Thailand. Honestly yours, Seth & Barry. We welcome your honest feedback. Contains 6% juice. 100% daily value of vitamin C per bottle. Gluten free. No GMOs. Plant a tree. No GMOs means we don't use ingredients produced using biotechnology. No caffeine. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.

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