Simple Green Cleaner, All Purpose 1 Gal

Concentrated. Non toxic & biodegradable formula. Perfect for both business and household uses. Economical dilutions help you make the best solutions to clean: Grease, oil, food residues, dirt, soot, grime, fingerprints, automotive fluids, wet paints, dust, air pollutants and more from: painted wood, stone, aluminum, glass, stainless steel, canvas, fiberglass, title, ceramic, concrete, brick, fabric, rubber, plastic, and other water-safe surfaces. simple green - it works! Health = 0; Fire = 0; Reactivity = 0; Special = 0. This product does not contain phosphates. 100% money back guarantee! For full disclosure, go to:, or by request at 800-228-0709. Safer Choice: Meets US EPA safer product standards. VOCs less than 5 g/l per carb method 310 - this formula is orally non-toxic per the globally harmonized system of classification & labelling of chemicals and readily biodegradable (per OECD 301D) . label claims verified by third party are available at Bottle is 100% recyclable. Made in the USA.

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