Concerto® Aromatherapy Fresh Cotton Refresher Oil 0.25 fl. oz. Carded Pack

For centuries, botanical aromas have been used as mood enhancers. There are scents that lift spirits, promote tranquility, and scents believed to possess wellness proper-ties. The use of these scents are part of Aromatherapy... using the therapeutic qualities of aromas to enhance the well being of individuals. The Concerto Aromatherapy collection - sachets, potpourris, liquid potpourris, refresher oils and incense sticks have been created by herbal experts to help make these beneficial fragrances part of your daily life. Concerto aromatherapy fresh cotton oil is clean, fresh, powdery soft. Use it to freshen potpourri, simmer with water, or perfume living areas by applying to light bulb rings or vents, inside closets or drawers. Crisp, Refreshing

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