Flexitol Heel Balm 2 Oz

Super concentrated moisturizer/exfoliator. Visible results in 1 day. Clinically proven to soften & repair dry, cracked feet. Approved: American Podiatric Medical Association. Clinically proven to soften and repair rough, dry, and cracked feet. Provides visible results in 1 day. Moisturizes and exfoliates with a special blend of aloe, vitamin E, shea butter, lanolin, glycolic acid and tea tree oil combined with 25% urea and 4 other ingredients. Contains centipeda cunninghamii, an Australian herb with unique skin nourishing properties. Flexitol Heel Balm is also: non-greasy; diabetic friendly; free of sodium lauryl sulphate, salicylic acid, parabens, and gluten; enriched with pro-vitamin B5, and L-arginine. Effectiveness of Flexitol Heel Balm on Skin Hydration: In a controlled study, people suffering from dry, cracked heels applied Flexitol Heel Balm twice daily. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your product! I have struggled with rough dry and cracked feet my whole life. I have always been too embarrassed to show my feet in public - But now everything has changed and I can't say how thankful I am. I don't have to feel embarrassed about my feet and hide them! - N.E., Milwaukee, WI. I have tried lots of products for my feet and heels, which can get quite dry and develop cracks. Flexitol is the only product I've used that has quickly & consistently provided relief from dryness and helped heal any cracks that form. It is the only product I recommend to those I know who have issues with dry, cracked heels and feet, because it's the one product I've tried that really works. - A.J., San Diego, CA. I was having a difficult time with the skin on my heels being thick and cracked. I had tried everything - pumice, scrubs, etc. I talked to my pharmacist & he recommended your heel balm and it has been the best thing that happened to me. There has been a dramatic difference in my feet. - M.C., Chula Vista, CA. Proven results guaranteed. Call toll free 1-866-478-3338. www.flexitol.net. Made in Australia.

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