Gillette® Mach3® Turbo Razor

1 razor; 2 cartridges. Closer shave (vs. Gillette CustomPlus Sensor 2 Disposable), up to 100% redness-free. + 2 Features: More lubricants + larger skin guard (vs. Mach3). Nano thin blades. All Mach3 cartridges can be used on all Mach3 razors. Enhanced lubricating strip (vs. Mach3). Advanced pivoting head (vs. Gillette CustomPlus Sensor 2 Disposable). Superior cartridge geometry (vs. Gillette CustomPlus Sensor 2 Disposable). Larger skin guard (vs. Mach3). Individually spring mounted blades. The best a man can get. Comments? 1-800-Gillette. Made in Mexico.

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