Odor-Eaters Tolnaftate Antifungal, Spray Powder 4 oz

Odor-Eaters® Spray Powder. Dries clear! 3 Advanced odor/wetness fighters. Tolnaftate antifungal. Destroys odor & prevents. Most athlete's foot. Stops odor. All-day effectiveness guaranteed! Superior odor and wetness control. Destroys odor on contact with three powerful odor-fighting ingredients. Absorbs sweat and prevents most athlete's foot too! Dries fast. Dries clear. Guaranteed. Long-lasting formula stops odor all day. Uses: Prevents most athlete's foot with daily use. Clears up most athlete's foot infection and with daily use helps keep it from coming back. Satisfaction guaranteed. Blistex®. ©2014 Blistex Inc.

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