Tampax Radiant Plastic Tampons, Regular/Super Absorbency, Unscented

18 regular. 14 super absorbency. Up to 100% leak-free. Resealable wrapper. Periods are possible. Mix and match protection for every occasion. Liners. Pads. Up to 8 hours of comfortable leak-free protection (Use a maximum of 8 hours). LeakGuard braid helps stop leaks before they happen. CleanSeal re-sealable wrapper, for quick and easy discreet proposal. Fabulous florals wrapper collection. Radiant Tampons: This tampon with incredible leakage protection is the perfect accessory for even the most daring dresses. Use for 8 hours maximum. No compromise guarantee (Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. If not satisfied with the performance of Tampax, send original receipt and UPC within 60 days of purchase for a refund. Limited to one redemption per household or name; no organizations. Refund is only for the cost of one box of tampons. Allow 6-8 weeks for refund. Call 1-800-398-3766 for details). See side for details. Light Absorbency: less than 6 grams. Regular Absorbency: 6-9 grams. Super Absorbency: 9-12 grams. Super Plus Absorbency: 12-15 grams. Ultra. Absorbency: 15-18 grams. Tampax does not manufacture or sell tampons under any other name. www.tampax.com. www.pg.com. Questions? 1-800-523-0014. Made in USA.

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