L. L. Cotton Tampons Super Absorbency, 30 Count 30 Ct

L. IS FOR LOVING YOUR BODY: Our tampons are free of chlorine bleaching, pesticides, rayon, fragrances, or dyes, and contain a 100% cotton core. That's what we call period care inspired by nature, designed with every body and every budget in mind. *** L. IS FOR LOVING YOUR BUDGET: We are committed to making high-quality period care accessible to everybody, and for that reason our tampons are made with clean and simple ingredients that won't stress out your budget. L. makes premium products accessible without the premium price because we believe that access to high-quality period care is a fundamental right for everybody. *** L. IS FOR LENDING A HAND: We see access to period care inspired by nature not only as a fundamental right for everybody, but an opportunity for change as well. We are on a mission to make exceptional period care accessible for all. That's why we provide funding every year to non-profit, community-based organizations around the world that increase sustainable access to period care products, menstrual health education, and employment opportunities. This is L. is exceptional period care made accessible for all. *** L. IS FOR LEADING WITH TRUST AND TRANSPARENCY: We will continue to prominently feature our ingredients on our packaging so that when you reach for our tampons, you'll know exactly what's in them and what role each ingredient plays. We assess all of our ingredients for safety so you know our products are safe for you to use. Your trust in our products is what keeps us innovating and continuing along our period protection journey.

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