Excedrin Pain Reliever/Pain Reliever Aid, Extra Strength, Caplets 200 ea

Help relieve headaches with Excedrin Extra Strength Pain Relief and Headache Relief Caplets. Clinically proven Excedrin works fast to temporarily relieve head pain. Excedrin works in 3 ways: it blocks pain signals, elevates pain threshold and uses caffeine to enhance the pain relief effect. Available in convenient caplet form, this nonprescription pain relief medicine works as hard as you do, combining aspirin and acetaminophen with caffeine. These active ingredients create a powerful formula with two pain relievers and a pain relieving aid to offer temporary relief of pain from headaches, colds, premenstrual and menstrual cramps, arthritis, tooth pain and muscle pain. For some, headache pain relief with Excedrin Extra Strength can start in 15 minutes. Get headache relief fast with Excedrin, the headache expert.

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