Mueller Sport Care Aircast Ankle Brace, Sport, Maximum, One Size, Fits Right

Maximum support level. Semi-rigid shells and removable aircells provide lightweight support for injured ankles. Pre-inflated aircells conform to the contour of your ankle. Fits in most shoes. Stay in the game. Use your smartphone for how-to video. Free scan app at: We equip athletes with the most advanced sports medicine products available. Maximum support injury to help you get back into participation. Pre-inflated aircells cushion the interior of the brace and conform to the contour of your ankle. With a comfortable fit and semi-rigid shells, this brace is specifically designed for the right foot. Recommended to help prevent inversion/eversion ankle sprains. Padded, semi-rigid shells help protect against inversion and eversion sprains. Dual straps let you adjust evenly for a comfortable fit. Pre-inflated aircells cushion and contour to your ankle. Detailed aircell adjustment info provided with separate insert inside package. Fits US Shoe Sizes: Women's 6 to 16.5, Men's 7.5 to 18. CE listed. Made in Mexico.

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