LiceFreee Hair Gel, Lice Killing

Other Information: Store at 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C). Misc: Non-toxic. Kills lice & nits through dehydration. Patented metal comb eliminates dead lice & nits. Pesticide free, homeopathic formula. Easy-to-use root applicator. Apply to roots without the mess. New! Finally, a safe way to kill lice without potentially toxic pesticides. Questions? Call 1-800-482-4464. Serious side effects can be reported to this number. Why Choose Licefreee! Gel: Licefreee Gel!: Non-toxic; Kills lice & nits; Metal comb included; No pesticide resistance; Pesticide free; Pleasant scent; Safe for repeated use; Safe for children 6 months & up. Pesticide Treatments: Kills lice & nits. Licefreee! Gel is: 100% effective metal comb recommended by school nurses and pharmacists; Does not contain harmful pesticides (permethrin, pyrethrum or lindane); Patented formula kills lice and nits through dehydration; Herbal spice scent makes application pleasant for parent and child; Safe for repeated applications, you do not have to wait 7-10 days. For more information and to watch How to use Licefreee! video visit Licefreee! Gel kills lice & nits. Head lice are very small, varying in size from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch (about the size of a sesame seed). Combing Tips: Work under bright light such as near a lamp or natural sunlight. Leave Licefreee Gel in the hair while coming out dead lice and nits. Use a comb or brush to remove tangles before using the nit comb. Remove dead lice and nits by working through small, 1 inch sections. Insert the comb as close to the scalp as possible and then slide to the ends of the hair strand. Lice lay their eggs close to the scalp where it is warm. After each pass through the hair, rinse comb in water and wipe on a paper towel to remove the dead lice and nits. It can be difficult to find every nit with the first comb through. Nit combing can be repeated daily until you have found all of the nits. Includes a stainless steel comb.

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