SlimFast Meal Replacement Shake, Strawberries & Cream 4 ea

Lose weight & keep it off (When used as part of the SlimFast Plan. Individuals may vary) with the SlimFast Plan. Ideal for low carb lifestyle. 4 hr hunger control. Sweetened with a non-nutritive sweetener. Lose weight & keep it off (When used as part of the SlimFast Plan. Individual results may vary). 1. One Sensible Meal: Enjoy your favorite foods. 2. Replace Two Meals a Day. 3 Indulge in Three Snacks: Satisfy hunger between meals. Why Slimfast? At Slimfast, we believe managing your weight shouldn't get in the way of doing life. Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain a healthy weight or just need a quick meal/snack on the go, our mission is to make your journey deliciously doable with the help you need from the Slimfast Plan, technology tools, and community support. Slimfast - real simple, real tasty, real results. Why high protein? Our high protein line is a perfect match for any low-carb lifestyle with 20 g of protein, 5 g of fiber (contains 9 g total fat per serving) and 1 g of sugar. When used as part of the Slimfast Plan, it's another real simple, real tasty way to real results.

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