Body Fortress Protein Powder, Protein Paks, Vanilla

Naturally & artificially flavored. 40 g protein (Per 2 PAKs). 9 g BCAAs (Per 2 PAKs). Featuring 100% premium whey. Gluten free. Quick dissolving. Drop, shake & fuel. Build lean muscle. Post-workout recovery. New! Portable protein. Your body. Your fortress. America's no 1 muscle and strength development brand (Nielsen expanded all outlets combined 52 weeks ending 9/29/18, excluding online women). Introducing Body Fortress Protein Paks! The portable protein solution that makes taking protein powder on-the-go easier and more convenient than ever - No more digging for buried scoops or messy spills. Each individual serving is built with Premium Whey Protein and packaged in fully dissolvable Paks made from 100% food grade ingredients - simply drop it in, shake it up and begin building your fortress. Take Protein Paks with you anywhere and use anytime. At home. On the go. At the gym. Typical Amino Acid Profile (Milligrams per 27.5 g Pak [Approximate Values]): Essential Amino Acids: Histidine 380 mg; Isoleucine 1,230 mg; Leucine 2,270 mg; Lysine 1,970 mg; Methionine 470 mg; Phenylalanine 680 mg; Threonine 1,470 mg; Tryptophan (L-Tryptophan is naturally occurring, not added) 360 mg; Valine 1,250 mg. Nonessential Amino Acids: Alanine 1,050 mg; Arginine 530 mg; Aspartic Acid 2,230 mg; Cysteine 440 mg; Glutamic Acid 3,700 mg; Glycine 380 mg; Proline 1,220 mg; Serine 1,070 mg; Tyrosine 6200 mg. 1 Pak: 20 g protein; 4 g BCAAs. 2 Paks: 40 g protein. 9 g BCAAs. Pre-measured for precise dosing. cGMP Manufactured. Manufactured according to cGMP standards, as is required for all dietary supplements. For more information on other Body Fortress products or for complete training and nutrition programs, visit Made in the USA from select ingredients from around the world.

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