Clearblue Clearblue RAPID DETECTION Pregnancy Test, 2 Tests 2 ct

Wondering if you're pregnant? Waiting for your results can be super exciting or a little nerve-racking. Use the Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test (Prueba de embarazo Rapid Detection Clearblue) for a result as fast as 1 minute[1]. Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Tests can give you an easy-to-read plus (+) or minus (-) result as fast as 1 minute[1] (plus '+' means you're pregnant and minus '-' means you're not). Each test kit includes three (3) individually wrapped Rapid Detection Pregnancy Tests that detect the "pregnancy hormone" (hCG), which starts showing up in your urine shortly after implantation. The ergonomic, long, curved test stick has an extra-wide, absorbent tip that changes color (turns pink), letting you know you've hit the target. Plus, this pregnancy test features our unique Floodguard(TM) Technology that helps cut down on the #1 reported usage error by over 70%[3] by keeping excess urine from flooding the test strip. This test is over 99% accurate from the day you expect your period[2], so you can feel confident in your results. [1] A pregnant result may appear in 1 minute when testing from the day of your missed period. Wait 3 minutes to confirm a not pregnant result. [2] Over 99% accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day you expect your period. >99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels. Note that hormone levels vary. See insert.[3] Data on file. [4] Test sensitivity is 25mIU/ml. [5] 56% of pregnant results can be detected 5 days before your missed period (4 days before you expect your period).

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