GoodNites Girls Large Nighttime Underwear 11 ea

Fits Sizes: 10-12 (31-43) kg. New sizing! L (68-95 lbs) (31-43 kg). XL (95-140+ lbs) (43-64+ lbs). No 1 nighttime underwear (Youth pant category share data). Girls Filles. Fits sizes 10-12. Outstanding pajama protection. Odor absorbing. Super stretchy sides. 5 layer protection. Protection for girls. Double leg barriers. Fun prints & patterns. Clothing sizes. L (10-12) ( 68-95 lbs) (31-43 kg). Our best fit and protection guaranteed (See details). Our best fit and protection guaranteed (Details at (U.S) or (Canada)). Learn more at 1-800-647-2088. FSA. Flexible Spending Account Eligible. Dispose of properly. Discard in trash. Made in the USA from domestic and imported material.

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