GE SurgePro Home Electronics Protector, 6 Standard Outlets

Protection Rating: 312 Joules. 3-ft, 3-wire SJT 14 AWG cord. A higher joule rating means a higher protection level. Recessed On/Off Switch - Prevents accidental shut-off and features a 15 AMP breaker for overload protection; Surge Protection Indication - The SurgePro product line is designed to protect your electronic equipment from power surges up to a certain level. In the event that the protection capacity is exceeded by a power surge, either the indicator light(s) will not be lit or the power will be permanently shutdown to the SurgePro outlets. This will ensure surge protection for your electronic equipment. Specifications: UL 1449 Suppressed Voltage Rating (L-N, N-G, L-G) - 330V; Joule Rating - 312; Line Voltage - 125VAC; Maximum Line Current - 15 AMP/1875 Watts; Maximum Surge Voltage - 6kV; Maximum Surge Current - 19.5kA; Typical Response Time - 25nsec; EMI/RFI Attenuation (up to) - 40dB; Circuit Breaker - 15A; 3-Wire Grounding Outlets - 6. Note: If any indicator light goes out, this unit will no longer provide surge protection as intended and should be replaced. This device is not a lightning arrestor, so it will not afford protection when lightning strikes nearby power lines, the house, service entrance or antenna. UL Listed. Limited Lifetime Warranty (For limited lifetime warranty, connected equipment warranty, specifications chart and instructions, see insert inside).

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