Function Light Weight Calorie Burn 16.9 oz

Preservative. Physician developed. Ignite your metabolism and burn more calories per hour with our advanced formula featuring the red wine extract resveratrol and the antioxidant catechins EGCG and Gymnema. Negativity: In co-workers, therapists and kindergarten teachers, negativity is generally a bad thing. In calorie counting, however, negativity is quite positive. Inside this bottle is a physician-developed formula of powerhouse ingredients designed to ignite your metabolism and subtract calories from your daily total. EGCG is a green tea extract proven to increase calories burned per hour and promote lean body mass. Gymnema extract limits the absorption of calories your body takes in from fat and carbohydrates. And red wine extract, resveratrol, amps up your energy production, increasing your total calorie burn. Function: Make your drink work for you.

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