Mc Cain Classic Wedges, Seasoned, Route 66

Premium. 0 g trans fat. No cholesterol. A nostalgic blend of herbs & spices. McCain Guarantee: As a family owned company, McCain wants you and your family to be 100% satisfied with McCain products. This is why every McCain product carries a guarantee of quality. Should you find the product unsatisfactory for any reason, please return the empty package to us stating the date and location of purchase. Your comments and suggestions are valuable to us. Thank you for choosing McCain Seasoned Route 66 potato wedges. McCain Route 66 is the potato lover's wedge which will take you on a delicious flavor trip down memory lane. It's a light, crispy, golden potato wedge, seasoned with a nostalgic blend of garlic, onion and spices reminiscent of yesterday's great American classic. Old fashioned goodness - 0 g trans fat - no cholesterol. At McCain, we are working very hard to make your meals a little more special. Product of USA.

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