Three Twins Ice Cream Sandwiches, Organic, Vanilla Bean 4 Ea

Vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches between chocolate chip cookies. Organic vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookies. 1% for the planet. Member. Ice cream for acres. Fair Trade Certified ingredients. 41% of product by dry weight. USDA Organic. Inconceivably delicious organic ice cream. Sadly, many ice cream sandwiches on the market are a bunch of baloney. They're made with not-great ingredients and simply do not live up to their full potential. I think you deserve authentic, absurdly delicious ice cream treats, which is why I present our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sandwiches. They promise the time-and twin-tested combination of undeniably delicious Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and organic chocolate chip cookies. The goodness of these circular sirens does not stop with taste. We use only Fair Trade-certified chocolate, sugar and vanilla extract, making these the first organic Fair Trade ice cream sandwiches from sea to shining sea. Plus, proceeds from each four-pack fund the purchase of six square feet of land to protect endangered species! Everybody wins with Three Twins! Neal Gottlieb Founding Twin. 6 sq feet. Your purchase protects at least 6 square feet of land through ice cream for acres. Certified Organic by CCOF.

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