Seal The Seasons Berry Blend, New York/New Jersey 32 Oz

Locally grown. One of Our Growers: Brian Reeves, Reeves Farms. Locally grown for a world of good. Eating like a local makes your community more resilient with every bite. By buying fruit grown by farmers from Finger Lakes to South jersey, you are supporting families right here in New York and New Jersey. Our mission is to connect responsibly grown local fruit to mindful eaters like you. Together, we can cultivate a better world for everyone. Collective grown local produce. Our family has farmed in Baldwinsville, NY since 1890 when my great-grandfather came over from Draycott, England. As farmer we sleep really well at night. Not just because we work hard every day but because we know our hard work provides customers with some of the healthiest food they can buy - Brian Reeves. Product washed prior to freezing. Recycle If Clean & Dry: Store drop-off with plastic bags. Certified B Corporation. No farms; No food.

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