Red Baron Singles Original Crust Personal Pizza Four Cheese

Red Baron Four Cheese Singles Original Crust Personal Pizza. Premium quality. Formerly feasts for one. Microwave or oven bake. Mozzarella cheddar, provolone & parmesan. Individually wrapped. Made with 100% real cheese. All rights reserved. Recycling programs for this package may not exist in your area. Schwan's Consumer Brands, Inc is a subsidiary of The Schwan Food Company. Taste The Legend. In the classic tradition of daring achievement, no one soared higher than the dashing "Baron". Today, his spirit of excellence carries on in the premium quality pizzas that deliver daringly delicious taste that can only be described as legendary. A pizza for every pizza lover. Pizza for one! Ready in minutes! Red Baron, singles, original crust. For further information or questions contact us at 800-769-7980. Visit our website at 2012, Schwan's Consumer Brands, Inc.

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