Palermo's Primo Thin Ultra Thin Crust California Recipe Chicken Pizza, 15.8 Oz. Box

A Recipe Created From a Passion for Pizza. A rich heritage of pizza-making inspired this generation to create these pizzas, which are truly deserving of the name Primo, the Italian word for first. We begin our Primo Thin™ pizzas with an all natural*, ultra-thin, crispy crust to which we add our special sauces and then layer on a rich selection of restaurant-quality toppings. After just one taste you'll know why with Primo Thin it's love at first bite. While most of the companies that sell pizza have never had any real connections with Italy, Palermo's passion for food reaches all the way back to the old country where pizza was first born. In fact, all the cherished family recipes used in our family's pizzeria were carried to America from Sicily by our founder, Gaspare Fallucca, the man everyone loved and called Papa Palermo. Now into the 3rd generation of our family business, Papa's commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients has been passed on to us. We're also devoted to searching the world for the most amazing pizzas so our pizzaiolos can recreate them for you to enjoy at home. So now we invite you to be our guest and to be a part of our genuine family tradition and passion for pizza. You'll discover with your first bite how truly great pizza can taste when it's made by a family with over three generations of tradition and hands-on pizza experience. U.S. inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. All Natural Crust Family Owned with Pride Since 1964 Real® Seal. Made with 100% Real Cheese

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