Russos Pizza, Chicken Rustica

Grilled chicken, roma tomatoes, olive oil, fresh spinach, feta & mozzarella cheeses. All-natural gluten-free pizza. All-natural (minimally processed) ingredients. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. 0 g trans fat per serving. Since 1978. Mangia Bene. Natural pizza sauce. Made from scratch. Traditional Italian values. Authentic finest and freshest ingredients. Gluten-free that tastes great. 100% mozzarella cheese. Natural robust pizza sauce. Chef-selected. Tomatoes. Passion for quality freshness. New York recipe. Premium ingredients. Old World family recipes. Bold flavor. Award winning olive oil. Authentic Italian great any way you slice it. As a young boy in New York, little Anthony Russo found his love for traditional Italian dishes in his grandparents' kitchen. And each summer, he discovered more as relatives visited from Naples and Sicily to share their recipes. Since opening his first restaurant decades ago, Chef Russo visits the Italian old country each year to tour family wineries, oversee olive oil production, and sample local cheeses and meats to ensure that his family's high standards for quality live on in his restaurants. Mangiamo! (let's eat) - Chef Anthony Russo. A restaurant favorite, now at your neighborhood grocer. Chef Anthony Russo's famous restaurant pizzas are now available at home! Our new award-winning gluten-free pizzas reflect his deep commitment to quality. The Russo name signifies an innovative gluten-free pizza made with sophisticated style featuring premium ingredients, including Chef Russo's own olive oil, his signature sauce, and 100% all-natural (Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. All dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized milk and do not contain any animal enzymes or animal rennet.) mozzarella cheese. Our gluten-free crust is made-from-scratch with rice and tapioca flour, providing a unique flavor with an uncompromising fresh taste and crispness. Each of the six varieties of Russo's award-winning gluten-free pizza features one of our signature sauces and is topped with fresh ingredients. Our pizzas are delivered frozen in pizzeria-style packaging. Corrugated recycles. Experience authentic Italian cuisine by visiting one of our restaurants. Russo's New York Pizzeria. Russo's Coal-fired Italian Kitchen. Visit Chef Russo on youtube for a personal cooking demonstration. Visit, or like us on facebook for special offers. Franchise opportunities available at Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture.

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