Pilgrims Chicken, Breast, with Rib Meat, Boneless, Skinless

Flavored with up to 12% chicken broth, carrageenan, and sea salt, broth glazed. Ready to cook. 97% fat free. 22 g protein per serving. Low sodium 95 mg per serving. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Resealable package. You can count on Pilgrim's to bring you high quality poultry products. Pilgrim's Individually Frozen Chicken is specially selected and individually frozen to preserve freshness and taste. We coat each piece with a thin chicken broth glaze to protect it from freezer burn and ensure tenderness and juiciness. With our resealable bag, you can store what you don't use. Plus you can cook directly from frozen - no need to thaw out the chicken in advance. Enjoy a tender, tasty and convenient meal tonight! All about great taste - delicious dinner is served! Enjoy Pilgrim's Chicken in many ways. Check out the innovative recipe section at Pilgrims.com for chef-inspired recipes and serving suggestions. Expand your menu of tasty meals with Pilgrim's chicken products. Find more out at Pilgrms.com. Contact Us: If you have questions or comments regarding this product. Send this package or UPC bar code, grocer's name, receipt and price label, along with your name, address and question or comment to: Pilgrim's pride consumer relations; 1770 Promontory Circle, Greeley CO 80634. 800-321-1470. www.pilgrims.com. Hatched, raised and harvested. Product of USA.

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