Pepperidge Farm Premium Romano & Herb Toast 8 Ea

Made with real butter and romano cheese. No preservatives. It's simple. Pepperidge Farm bakes great bread - that's where it all begins. Our Premium Romano and Herb Toast will enhance any meal with this versatile, easy-to-make, richly-seasoned bread. Eight golden-crisp helpings evoke home-style baking with their buttery, herbed seasonings and generous topping of romano cheese. It's the quickest and easiest way to accent any meal - chicken, steak or soup. Put a thick slice or two in your oven and let that warm, wonderful aroma fill the air as you revel in mouth-watering anticipation. Premium ingredients. Zero grams trans fats. No preservatives. No time flat. It's savory baked bliss prepared with a genuine baker's touch.

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