No Evil Foods Italian Sausage

Protein for all. In plants we trust! 25 g protein. Vegan. No GMO. 4 links. We loudly proclaim do no evil. As our battle cry in the food revolution. Every Bite Supports our Cause: to use food as a force for good small batch, sustainable, simple & kid. The passion of a home cook, meets the spirit of revolution protein for all! The Stallion: Bursting with a barrage of old world spices, this sausage hits with a powerful punch of flavor to your face. In pasta, on pizza or in a hoagie, this bruiser makes any dish a total knock-out! Protein packed. Cholesterol free. Low fat. Nitrate free. Antibiotic free. Meat made from nothin but plants. Please recycle. Preach! eat(at)

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