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A delicious meat-free meal for any diet, Morningstar Farms Steak Strips are lightly seasoned and ideal for an array of savory recipes. These veggie strips provide an excellent source of protein (23 grams per serving; 31% of daily value) and are cholesterol free (contains 1 gram monounsaturated fat and 2.5 grams polyunsaturated fat per serving). Whether you're seeking a quick and convenient lunch or dinner, Morningstar Farms Steak Strips are sure to delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike.Mouthwatering and meatless, Morningstar Farms' plant-based Veggie Meal Starters are a delicious, meat-free addition to any balanced dietLightly seasoned veggie steak strips perfect for protein-rich meals; Saute, batter, fry, add to salads, wraps, fajitas, and serve with rice, pasta, and more100% vegan; Excellent source of protein (23 g per serving; 31% of daily value); Cholesterol free (contains 1 g monounsaturated fat & 2.5 g polyunsaturated fat per serving)A quick, convenient meat-free meal at lunch or dinner; To prepare, heat in the microwave (recommended) or skilletIncludes 1, 10-ounce resealable bag of frozen Morningstar Farms Steak Strips; Store in the freezer to enjoy anytime; Packaged for great taste

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