Newmans Own Complete Skillet Meal For Two 24 Oz

Freshly made pasta and breaded chicken breast in a tomato mozzarella sauce. All natural. (No artificial ingredients. Only minimally processed.) Made with Newman's own sauce. Ready in 10 minutes on stove top. Made with freshly made pasta. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. Our Chicken Parmigiana & Penne Complete Skillet Meal for Two is naturally delicious with premium breaded while meat chicken, freshly made penne and Newman's Own full of flavor pasta sauce only we could make. Don't try this at home, kids. It's a restaurant quality meal that you just have to heat up. All profits to charity. Newman's Own Foundation continues Paul Newman's commitment to donate all royalties and after tax profits from this product for educational and charitable purposes. Paul Newman and the Newman's Own Foundation have given over $300 million to thousands of charities since 1982.

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