Zatarain's Frozen Dirty Rice With Beef And Pork 10 Oz

A specialty of Louisiana cooking, dirty rice gets its name from the tiny bits of meat that infuse every bite with flavor. Bring this savory dish to your kitchen with Zatarain's® Dirty Rice with Beef & Pork, a zesty seasoned rice with beef and pork, bell pepper and Creole spices. Our frozen dirty rice delivers the authentic taste of the Big Easy from the freezer to the table in just minutes! This classic Creole rice is a delicious combination of ground beef and pork, rice, vegetables, and spices, including garlic, paprika and cayenne pepper. Serve New Orleans style rice as an easy dinner, hearty rice side dish, or quick frozen lunch. It’s ready in just 4 minutes and comes in a convenient bowl so no cleanup is needed.

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