Caesars Chicken Lasagna Cacciatore

Caesar's® Chicken Lasagna Cacciatore. Chicken used is cage free & humanely raised on small family farms. Gluten-free & wheat-free. Single serving entree. Made with rice pasta. "From package to palate in minutes". Inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. For over 40 years, the "Caesar" family has been serving our delicious pasta recipes into your homes. From package to palate in minutes, Caesar's new gluten-free & wheat-free chicken lasagna cacciatore meals allows everyone to enjoy authentic Italian food; even those with special dietary restrictions. Because your family is so important to us, we guarantee our continued use of only the freshest, highest quality, ingredients. Our gluten free pasta is made with tender-rice flour noodles combined with a chicken cacciatore filling seasoned to perfection with herbs and spices. Our secret marinara sauce is added to make this a complete meal you can easily enjoy. Buon Appetito! Try all flavors! All natural. Beef & chicken**. Raised without hormones & antibiotics. **Federal regulations prohibit. The use of hormones in poultry. Caesar's®, gluten-free & wheat-free, beef ravioli. Caesar's®, gluten-free & wheat-free, beef cannelloni, Florentine in marinara sauce. 0g trans fat per serving. Questions: 1-888-43-CAESAR.

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